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鬼魂 - ghost 幽灵- sppok they are mean freaky things

请给多点分 找得好辛苦的 ghost名词 n. 1.鬼, 幽灵 Do you believe in ghosts? 你相信有鬼吗? He looked so terrified that I thought he'd seen a ghost. 他看上去如此害怕, 我以为他看见鬼了。 2.(尤指可怕事物的)记忆,回忆 3.隐约的一点点...

姐本书《僵尸奇异》调查肉包事件居亲自殡仪馆询问殡仪馆领导气冒烟^ ^0佩服啊~~~

歌曲名:Spookshow Baby 歌手:Rob Zombie 专辑:American Made Music To Strip By Spookshow baby Oh High noon dead moon A hangin all over you yeah Devilman yes I can cut a little peice of you yeah Hunger! Inside you Hunger! Hunger! De...

the spook mv 幽灵的MV 重点词汇 spook鬼; 幽灵; 间谍; 出没无常行踪古怪的人; 鬼怪般地出没; 吓唬,恐吓; 逃窜


幽灵秀~ 和万圣节有关的吧

歌曲名:Superman 歌手:Spook & The Guay 专辑:Vida Sonora I'm sure, I'm sure you can't get over, Get over this The fire's burning in your eyes I'm only keeping you alive If I promise you, Promise to never let go Would you come bac...

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