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DESCRIBE TABLE 用于列出指定表或视图中的所有列 DESCRIBE INDEX FOR TABLE 用于列出指定表的所有索引。 所以 DESCRIBE是用来显示数据结构信息的 而desc是descend ,是用于查询出结果时候对结果进行排序,是降序排序

describe重在用语言来形容,陈述一些事,物;depict用写作和图片来形容,陈述一些事,物.如:I described what he looked like to her. The dissertation depicts the influence upon environment by the project.

state一般是用于陈述观点,例如I would like to state my point of view that... describe一般是用于描述一件事物,例如Can you describe what he looks like? 希望对你有帮助,有问题可追问。

查表结构中的desc就是describe 排序中的desc就是descent 没必要纠结这个

portray “描绘”、“描述”,指抓住事物的最显著的特点或人物的肖像、性格、品德、情感,用图画或文字方式细腻地描绘。 1) Many teachers will not want to use books in which gender roles are portrayed in a traditional male-centered way. (...


词性不一样 前者description是名词.后者describe是动词

30.不退出sql*plus,在sql*plus中执行一个操作系统命令: HOST Sql> host hostname 该命令在windows下可能被支持。 31.在sql*plus中,切换到操作系统命令提示符下,运行操作系统命令后,可以再次切换回sql*plus: ...

describe sb/sth as sth 叫做;称作 explain oneself将自己的意思表达清楚 explain sth to sb 向某人解释某事 explain to sb that 向某人解释。。。 express oneself表达自己的感情或思想 很高兴为你解答! 老师祝你学习进步! 望采纳,多谢你的...

An exciting and important conversation I had was a couple of months ago when I was shopping with my family at newly opened mall. While we were shopping, a man with a big camera and pretty lady introduced themselves and asked me...

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