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forcefully 英 ['f:sfli] 美 ['f:sfli] adv. 强有力地;激烈地;有说服力地 [网络短语] forcefully 强有力地,有力地,激烈地 speak forcefully 有说服力地讲话 forcefully recycled 强制循环

convince的用法:convince:使相信[信服],说服;使承认;使悔悟;使认错[罪] [1]接从句:concincesbthat 从句:HeconvincedmethatIshouldstudylaw.他劝我应该学法律.[2]convincesb.ofsth.使某人相信某事 [3]convincesb.说服某人 [4]

区分两个英文单词最好是推究一下它们各自的英文释义restatement (noun) an act of stating sth again and or differently, especially more clearly or convincingly 对某一问题/言论/立场的重申,目的是为了让受众更加清晰自己所表达的意思,或是作为

1As China becomes a global power, Chinese language will assume a greater global usingthe Chinese government's own statistics, heshowed convincingly that this fi gure

B. 陈述,表述的意思

原发布者:hulzandann Argue的用法1.argue可以用作及物动词或者不及物动词,表示“争辩,争论,主张”的意思.如:Theboyarguedwithhisteacherabouthishomework.那个男孩因为作业与老师争执了起来.Don'targueaboutthismatteranymore

argue / gju; rju/ v [I, Ipr] ~ (with sb) (about/over sth) express an opposite opinion; exchange angry words; quarrel 争论; 争辩; 争吵: The couple next door are always arguing. 邻居的夫妇总吵架. * Don't argue with your mother. 不要和

that is在这里的意思是: 即,那就是.用法是对的,用来解释前面的情况

The one who survives by the lives of others worthwhile she's coming apart right before my eyes 以他人生命作为代价而活了下来 她就这样在我面前离我而去 the one who depends on the services she renders to those who come knocking she's

a house divided against itself煮豆燃萁a house divided against itself[英][ haus dvadd enst itself][美][e has dvadd enst tslf](党派等)发生分裂或内讧; 一国三公; 例句:1.And it convincingly

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