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主角 1. (1) [leader;leading role;title-role;protagonist;leading character]∶影、剧的领衔主演者或处于中心地位的人物角色 主角一出场,全场响起一片掌声和喝彩声 2. (2) [chief party]∶主要当事人。亦作主脚 例句: 1. The main actor is King...

the hero of the novel the main character in/ of the novel 来自【学习宝典】团队 有不明白的地方欢迎追问 如果认可我的回答 请点击下面的【选为满意回答】按钮 谢谢~

leading role major character leading actor

War with Castruccio — Castruccio marches against Prato and retires without making any attempt — The emigrants not being allowed to return, endeavor to enter the city by force, and are repulsed — Change in the mode of electing t...

男主角 leading actor 女主角 leading actress

(艺术表演中的主要演员或主要角色) leading role [character]; lead; protagonist: 在该片中演主角 play the lead in the film; 女主角 a leading lady the best male lead 最佳男主角 此外 principal angle leading role也是这个意思 例句The...

Twilight Sparkle暮光闪闪 Applejack苹果杰克 Rarity瑞瑞 Fluttershy小蝶 Pinkie Pie萍琪 Rinbow Dash云宝黛西(英文名+大陆译) 柔柔,紫悦,云宝,苹果嘉儿,碧琪,珍奇(台译)


is the main character in tht film

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