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Neither he nor his father can solve this problem.

Neither I nor she knows. 她和我都不知道. He can neither read nor write. 他既不会读也不会写. He can neither see nor talk. 他耳不能听,口不能说. He had neither money nor position. 他既没钱也没地位. He is neither tall nor clever. 他既不高也不聪明.

neithere nor两者都不. neither he nor i go to atten the meeting. 他和我都没有去参加会议 谓语动词取决于后面一个人

neither john nor his brother came to my birthday party.neither tom nor mary answered the question right.neither english nor math is my favorite subject.neither i nor my brother can play the piano.

neither mr.li nor mr.zhang is in hong kong now. 李先生和张先生现在都不在香港.

It's neither too cold nor too hot 天气既不太冷也不太热 neither nor 意为既不也不.

She is neither too tall nor too short.她中等身材.

neither tom nor jimmy wants to join me for the trip.

Neither the boy nor the girl knows where to go. He is neither like his mother nor like his father

Neither he nor I like meat或者Neither I nor he likes meat

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