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I have a pen pouch, which I bought for myself, it is a form of the orange cat, it is very cute, it is no difference with other Pencil Case. I take it to school very day ! I like it very much!

pen bag

My mom bought the pencial box for me as a gift. My pencial-box in the shape of a cat's smiling face is very lovely.Although it's not very big, it can hold all of the ststioneries.As long as I see the smiling face I will feel very happy.I love it. 我的笔袋是妈妈

笔袋cloth pencil-bag笔袋pen bag属类:【物品名称】 --〖日用品〗 --[包与袋]

pencil bag

笔袋 pencil bag 中性笔 neutral pen 中性笔的替芯 refill for a neutral pen

笔袋= pencil case 或 pencil box (箱子) 请采纳

我的书包里有笔袋 A pen in my bag 重点词汇书包schoolbag; satchel笔袋pencil case


Your pencil-box is pretty, I'd like to have one, too. Could you please borrow it to me for a second?这里的 我也想要 , 其实表达的应该不是 我想要你的这个文具盒, 而是 我也想要一个. 所以用want it 不合适, 而是 want to have one比较合适. 但是I'd like to have one 就是比较含蓄的感觉.

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