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Is it a lovely dog?Is she a lovely girl?Is he my father?Are they Lily's cousins?Are your classmates?Are you a doctor?Is there a bird in the tree?Are there many

1.Everybody is in the classroom .2.The children had a good time in the park .3.We are from China .4.I must finish my homework before 8 o'clock .5.They have a class meeting

1.He is watching TV.2.They are playing football.3.I like music.4.She often goes to the supermarket at weekend.5.They always have supper at 6 pm.6.His son is a student.7.

is english spoken by us every day? 一般的改一般疑问句方法是:一调二改三问号.被动句好像只需要 一调二问号就搞定了. 1.有多少学生被老师叫出去? 2.信撕开了吗? 3.他们已被建议每天跑步半小时? 4.谁被命令离开这个国家? 5.谁的眼

一般疑问句分为be词提前和助动词1 be词(am\is\are和他们的过去式were\was)提前eg:1)He is a student!(他是一名学生) Is he a student? (他是一名学生吗?) 2) We are students! (我们是学生) Are

Does she have a book?

应该是amusement park吧?一般疑问句:Have you ever been to an amusement park?肯定回答:Yes,I have.否定回答:No,I haven't.肯定句:You have ever been to an amusement park.否定句:You haven't ever been to

肯定回答:Yes,I have.否定回答:No, I haven't.

1. Is his father an English teacher? Yes, he is/No,he is not.2. Are these cats crying? Yes, they are/No they are not.3. Can they swim? Yes, they can/No, they can not.4. Do you like to read English? Yes, I do/No, I do not. 5. Do you go to school on foot

一般疑问句:1.Does the bus leave at 9 o'clock?2.Does Tom want to be a helpful doctor when he grows up?3.Do you / we have classes in the morning?4.Do your/ our classes begin at 7:30?5.Is Ann from the USA?6.Do you always sleep late on Sunday?

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