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robot n.机器人 will v.将;会;要 won't=will not everything pron.每件事物 paper n.纸;纸张 use v.使用;利用 less adj.(little的比较级)较少;较小 fewer adj.(few的比较级)较少的;较少数 pollution n.污染 tree n.树;树木 building n.建筑物;房屋

去百度文库,查看完整内容> 内容来自用户:spartan1130 八年级上第一单元 我几乎不喝牛奶 他的健康是更好的 你的生活方式跟我的生活方式一样 虽然他是健康的,他每天锻炼两次 我喜欢在网上冲浪 我必须照顾你的兄弟 我的英语成绩是好的

I travel around the world

你可以在这个网站中看到八年级下册单词表 http://www.pep.com.cn/200503/ca677040.htm Review of Unit 1-6 I. language goals (语言目标) 1. Talk about how often you do things 谈论做事情的频率. 2. Talk about your health. Make suggestions.

i want to be a high school student. my older student is a senior high school student. time waits for no one. time goes by ,but i can not do anything do you like drink coffee my father drink coffee everyday

The Chinese government wants to protect these endangered birds,and they can be safe in zhalong.中国政府想保百护这些度濒危的鸟类,并且它们可以回在扎龙生活得答很好.

麻烦事: What's the matter? 胃疼:He got a stomachache yesterday. 背部:The teacher gave him a pat on the back after he finished his job. 疼的:He felt sore in the throat. 发烧:He got a fever so he didn't come to school. 头疼:She got a

I fell the same as you 我与你有同样的感受 i help my motherdo the housework 我帮助妈妈做家务 he make a robot to help him do easy things他做了一个机器人帮助他做一些简单的事 i help jim with his homework我帮助吉姆做功课 she ask me to take some book to her她要我给她带几本书 the bridge will complete in two years这座桥会在1年内建成

1、plump adj. 微胖的The old women is plump.2、well built adj. 体型匀称的The women is well built .3、slim adj. 苗条的;纤细的The girl is slim.4、average adj. 平均的The average age of the boys in this class is fifteen. 5、curly adj. 卷曲的The

1.my cousin is a boy .(单词是my)2.my last name is white.(单词是last name )建议:上网搜或向邻居(亲戚)借一本英语书 .望采纳,谢谢你了!!!!!!!!!

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